BOH Token

Currently BOH Tokens award for the month of November 2021 = Nothing

Turn in Period = None Scheduled

The Brigade of Honor has its own non monetary Token on the Polygon Chain known as BOH. This token has no direct cash value and can’t be traded on exchanges. The token value comes from what having a token grants a member, this can include but is not limited to monthly cryptocurrency payments, paypal payments and guild clothing and items to a member. Returning a Token to the pool during special announced periods can award said guild members a chance to win real life prizes and money in the form of paypal payments or cryptocurrency. There is a maximum of 10 million BOH Tokens in existence at anyone time.

All Senior Officers who have achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel or better will have the authority to award a token if they see a member doing great things for the guild and consistently helping others. This program is mainly a way to reward members if they do not want or do not qualify for a guild promotion and is simply another way that I as Guild Leader can say thank you for all you do for me. All the the prizes , rewards and promotional costs as well as any and all Guild operating costs since being founded on May 20th 2000 were covered solely by the Guild Leader.

  • Supreme Commander Paulofheaven / Guild Leader and Founder of the Brigade of Honor Guild.

The Official BOH Token Page on Polygonscan.

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