The Brigade of Honor Guild

1. Mission Statement
The Brigade of Honor was founded over 17 + years ago by its sole founder with the idea that a organization could be setup to form a home for like minded people who wanted a lifelong home in the MMORPG genre. We welcome and show respect for all because we know its what's on the inside that matters What we care about is our members most of all because a guild is nothing without its members. If you want to make lifelong friendships and meet people who would also be great friends in real life you've come to the right place. We want people to know we are the good guys and we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to help people. The Leadership of this guild take leadership by example seriously and won't ask anything of its members they wouldn't do themselves.

2. Our purpose
Our primary focus in Player vs Environment such as Raiding , Dungeons , Fates and in game events. We also would like to expand into PVP when the time is appropriate. Being in this guild requires a good deal of hard work and dedication to something greater than yourself. Teamwork is a must here and if you help others and are friendly , work hard and show leadership you can expect to be rewarded with perks and promotions.

3. Leadership of the Brigade of Honor Guild
The Guild was founded by Supreme Commander Paulofheaven on May-20-2000. All ownership, leadership and decision making authority lies solely with him which he then delegates to The Joint Chiefs of Staff, Commissioned Officers and Non Commissioned Officers. The Guild is broken up into 3 major groups.

Joint Chiefs of Staff : Which include Any and all Commissioned Officers who have achieved the rank of Brigadier General or better. This group is in charge of all day to day operations within the guild and meets to set guild policy and direction.

Commissioned Officers : This group is made up of Commissioned Officers from the rank of Second Lieutenant to Colonel. This group ensures all orders and directions given by the Joint Chiefs of Staff are obeyed and carried out.
The more senior the rank the more authority and responsibility that member has been given. Individual duties , responsibilities and authority can be seen on the guild rank page.

Non Commissioned Officers and Enlisted Personnel : This group is made up of everyday Soldiers and Junior leaders of the guild. Starting from the recruit and going all the way to the Sergeant Major of the Brigade of Honor.
This group carries out instructions and directives given by more senior members. Don't mistake them as the least important members nothing could be further from the truth. Without them the guild operations grind to a halt and nothing gets done. They are without a doubt the backbone of this guild and makes us who we are.