Guild Rules

Section 1 : Representing the Guild.
1. Always show respect to fellow guild members and non guild members. Remember the golden rule " Treat others as you would wish to be treated ". As long as you wear the Guild Tag you are representing us and we expect you to show professional behavior at all times.

2. Cheating of any sort will not only result in dismissal from the Brigade of Honor but a report to a Game Master of Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn.

3. The biggest qualities this guild values in its members are Loyalty , Dedication , Hard-work and Honesty. If you adhere to these principles you will go far in this guild.

4. All members should make a honest effort to speak English at all times in the guild chats and voice chats and forums/ Facebook page while we understand that some people's English may not be great it could become to confusing and lead to misunderstanding if everyone spoke their native language. Speaking and understanding English in raids and Player Versus Player is absolutely required!

5. Religion and politics are two issues which should never be discussed in the guild chat channel, Facebook or on Raid call, Its too easy to offend people without realizing it and lets face it the majority of gamers play games to have a break from real life and relax.

6. All rules that apply to the Enlisted Soldiers of the Brigade of Honor apply triple to Commissioned Officers. We hold officers to a extremely high standard and that standard and professionalism requirement gets higher and higher the further up in the chain of command that a member goes.

7. Cursing , Foul Language , Racial or prejudice remarks have no place in the Brigade of Honor. This applies to our voice chat server as well as the Guild Website and Facebook page. Failing to adhere to this rule with have consequences.

Section 2 : Promotions / Demotions and Dismissal from the Guild.
1. Rank in the Brigade of Honor is a privilege not a right and members found abusing their authority risk demotion or if the charge is serious enough dismissal from the guild.

2. General Requirements for earning a promotion are as listed.
A. Good levels of activity within the guild.
B. Have held their current rank and mastered it enough to justify their advancement in rank.
C. Willing to help with raids , dungeon runs , assisting new members with learning the game and their quests and contributions to the guild such as recruitment and going above and beyond what would be expected of them.
D. Once a member is eligible for the rank of Corporal they must also pass leadership exams for that rank and every future promotion in order to the guild maintains a high standard of excellence where leaders are concerned.
E. Once a member earns the rank of Staff Sergeant they become eligible to attend the Brigade of Honor Officers Academy , Upon successful completion of this course and the approval of the Guild's Director of Human Resources the member will be commissioned a Second Lieutenant.
F. After a member has earned the rank of Colonel they become eligible to join the General Staff of the Brigade of Honor as a Brigadier General. Not only must the Director of Human Resources Bureau approve but it must also be approved by the Deputy Supreme Commander or Supreme Commander.

3. Offenses that will result in demotions or loss of membership in the Brigade of Honor.
A. Disobeying a direct order from your superior ranking officer / member of the general staff : Punishment is Dismissal from the Brigade of Honor and your name will be added to the Dishonorable discharge list and a ban from the guild website.
B. Willfully disobeying a guild rule / policy : Punishment is loss of rank and the amount of rank lost is depending on how serious the offense was.