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The Brigade of Honor September 2019 Monthly Roll Call

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    All members must sign the guild monthly roll call once per month for record keeping purposes and all other members should sign it due to it being a requirement of your continued membership to be active in the guild both in game and on the website. Please sign the roll call in the following format “Rank” ” Screen name” Reporting for Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers duty!
    Also make sure you supply with your subscription end date! “My Subscription expires “month, day , year” also make sure you list the region your account was setup as so that the correct time card can be sent to you.

    Effective 3-21-2019 the Brigade of Honor Time Card Program is being Phased out for new members its been a very successful program but its time to retire it and focus on mainly recruiting North America and European members.
    All Members currently covered by the Time Card and Expansion Pack Program will continue to be covered by it but no new members will offered these benefits.

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    General Piper Lee Reporting for Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers duty! My Subscription expires September 30th 2019.

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