Commissioned Officer Ranks

Last updated 9-18-2020

Supreme Commander : This rank is reserved for the Founder and Leader of the Brigade of Honor. As the highest ranking commissioned officer within the guild this member has complete and absolute authority over any and all BoH members, personnel decisions, guild policy, strategy and the day to day operations of the guild. The Supreme Commander maintains a open door policy for all members regardless of rank who think they have an idea that may improve the guild or increase member satisfaction.

Deputy Supreme Commander : The second highest ranked officer in the guild. The member who holds this rank assists the Supreme Commander in the day to day operations of the guild and helps set overall guild policy and strategy and has most of the Supreme Commander’s authority although to a lesser degree. This member is in charge when the Supreme Commander is not available. The DSC is appointed from the General Staff and is the Deputy Guild Leader.

General of the Army : The third highest ranked officer in the guild, the GoA’s primary task is the supervision of the general staff and is also entitled to take command of the guild when the SC and DSC are unavailable. The officer ensures all general officers are meeting guild standards and that the respective army groups and divisions are working to maximum efficiency. The GoA also serves as the head of the general officer selection board which evaluates Colonels who have met the standards for advancement to Brigadier General. This officer is appointed from the general staff by the Supreme Commander and is third in command of the Brigade of Honor.

General : Four star generals are the most senior officers within their service or army. This rank is reserved for service chiefs and army commanders, although an officer may be appointed to this rank on a temporary basis if the need arises. Achieving this rank takes a very long time as a member must show years of great judgement and trustworthiness, a high level of leadership skill and a desire to serve the guild at the highest levels. They must also demonstrate unshakable belief in the ideals of BoH and unquestionable loyalty to the guild and the leadership.

Lieutenant General : no text

Major General : no text

Brigadier General : no text

Colonel : no text

Lieutenant Colonel : no text

Major : no text

Captain : no text

First Lieutenant : no text

Second Lieutenant : no text

Non Commissioned Officers and Enlisted Personnel Ranks

Last updated 9-18-2020

Command Sergeant Major of the Brigade of Honor : no text

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