Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV has been the guild’s primary mmorpg since “A Realm Reborn” and continues to be the main game of the guild. BoH’s FFXIV division was formed in game on 8-27-2013 although the guild as a organization was founded on May 20th 2000. Our Free Company Rank is 30 and we are allied with the Immortal Flames Grand Company. The Guild is always looking for active, friendly and help people who themselves are looking for a place to belong and be part of something bigger than themselves with a family environment. BoH’s FFXIV is not a hardcore raiding guild but a casual place where a member can raid with members if they so desire but one thing we do not want is for people to feel obligated to play 12 hours a day or feel this is a second job. The Final Fantasy XIV Division of the Brigade of Honor Guild currently has ownership of a Mansion on the Ultros server in the Guild Housing District of the Mist, Ward 7, Plot 2 and the mansion has all the crafting tables as well as a fully stocked workshop and plenty of space for members to build their own room in the mansion.

To Request membership in the Brigade of Honor you can submit a application in game, contact a officer on the discord or leave a post on our lodestone page

Guild Website :
Guild Roster : BoH FFXIV Roster
Discord Link :
Lodestone Page : Official BoH FFXIV Lodestone

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