The story of the Brigade of Honor began on May 20th, 2000, as the Knights of the Burning hell when it was founded by guild leader Paulofheaven, who was 16 years old at the time and was looking to create a style gaming family that was not easily found elsewhere. A few years later, he decided that the guild needed a name rebrand. After several suggestions were taken from various members, it was agreed that the guild name thought up by member Sioken Kenshin would be selected. That day, Brigade of Honor became our new and much friendlier-sounding name. Over our long history, we have played Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft, Black Desert Online, Ragnarok Online 1, Ragnarok Online 2, Guild Wars 2, Star Wars the Old Republic, and Warhammer Online. Our current primary mmorpg is Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail, which we play on the Primal Datacenter in the Ultros server. We also have one server running Minecraft Java Edition and will be opening further servers for other games for members to play with each other on. We have started supporting Web3 games as well and are looking forward to Cryptocurrency Play to Earn Metarpg Astra Nova upon its release as an official BoH division.

Many of our guild officers have been in responsible positions for well over 10 years in this guild. The guild leader Paulofheaven has spent well in excess of $400,000 US dollars over the past 24 years on this guild and its members and continues to do so as a sign of his devotion, hard work, leadership and dedication to not only his guild but the members he loves and couldn’t exist without. In the eyes of Paulofheaven, taking care of his guild members is the most vital duty of being a guild leader. With this outlook on life, he has made lifelong friends and a beloved second family. With most guilds only lasting about 6 months, we are truly blessed to have not only lasted 24 years but thrived with such a wonderful, diverse, and international team of players in our guild, all pulling to accomplish the goals that our leadership team has set forward. We are proudly LGBT-Friendly and have members of this community within the ranks and in senior leadership positions. The Final Fantasy XIV Division of BoH owns a Mansion on the Ultros server in the Guild Housing District of the Mist, Ward 7, Plot 2.

Our guild logo has been copyrighted and is listed under registration number VAu001404276 with the U.S. Copyright Office. On May 20th, 2024, the Brigade of Honor proudly celebrated its 24th anniversary as a team; with the first 24 years completed, we look forward to the next 24 years with excitement and anticipation. We are the Brigade of Honor Guild, and if you are a friendly, hardworking, dedicated, honest, and loyal person interested in joining a like-minded group of gamers, look no further. It is our hope that we will leave such a positive impression on you that you will stay for the rest of your life.