Testimonials from members

“I was falsely incarcerated doing a 9 year prison sentence when I first heard about BoH. A friend who, unfortunately stopped playing, told me that he had a friend who played FFXIV. That friend, on the outs, told us that the leader was looking for more members. We looked at each other in disbelief and asked if they were willing to take people “like us.” The friend said he would speak to the leader and the leader said of course. My friend left a few months before I did and sure enough he joined the guild and they welcomed him with open arms. They never cared about his past or whatever baggage he came with. BoH welcomed him and other people from all walks of life and accepts them as FAMILY. A few months later I was released and immediately joined up with BoH with my wife. I was skeptical at first and had trouble readjusting to life outside, especially with trusting people. But Paul never once hesitated to encourage me to open up and not only trust him, but to trust members of BoH. He and I have become good friends and I am grateful for all he has done and continues to do in my game life and real life. Good people like Paul and BoH don’t come around too often in life so I am proud to say that they are my real family, family closer to me than some of my flesh and blood family and I wouldn’t trade them for the world!”
-Sergeant Ananias Aman

“I came here initially during a time where my own emotions were uncertain, what I do know is, that the people here game me a sense of welcoming and a place to not have to worry about my troubles. And though I left for a time somewhat unceremoniously. I came back, they welcomed me with open arms, they understood that I needed time. I’m happy to call these crazy people my family of the heart. I don’t know what the future holds, but I do hope that I’ll be coming back here far into the future!”
-Private V’jrn Thedestroyer

“Ninjapanda42 here, the reason I enjoy being part of this guild is we are at one big family. We check up on each other to make sure we’re all right. We all are willing to help each other. This is what attracts me the most about this guild. It’s so loving and caring, and we just enjoy having each other’s company while we’re playing our favorite games together. Some of us have the same story and some of us have different stories, but at the end of the day we never judge each other for our beliefs we just come together as a family.”
-Recruit Ninjapanda42

“Paul, you know that I contacted you several times but that was because I was so afraid to commit playing and joining the guild as I know that everyone takes this seriously. You being a Guild Leader, have so much patience, so much love for everyone and treat like a family. So that’s when my partner @Daddyojc Cos and I decided to commit but so sorry we got you scared for a minute when our Internet was cut, right at that moment. The whole team welcomed us and accompanied in our journey. Dailies, dungeon and if we have questions, they are always there to answer us. Ofcourse, saving the best for last, my dear big brother @[BOH] is0ris who introduced BOH to me and made sure I was informed of things I need to know before joining. Great job for gathering everyone. This is exactly what we need! Thank you for the trust Paul, it really means to us. We will be forever grateful for you and everyone”
-Recruit Mommyanne Cos

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