Benefits and Perks

  1. Be part of a experienced guild and work alongside many Officers with over 10+ years experience leading in various departments within the guild and the original founding guild leader who has been here the entire 23+ year existence of the guild.

2. Join a family of caring people from around the world who like just want a place to call home and feel appreciated. If you don’t cause problems and get along well with others there is absolutely no reason why anyone should not feel welcome here. Members needs come first here, a true leader places the needs and wants of his people before his own and that’s what you can expect here.

3. Contests are held occasionally for free games and not just games supported by the guild. Sometimes a member has the chance to win a game of their choosing including 110 Dollar ultimate editions!

4. Members can earn free time cards for FFXIV subscription and Win mogstation items by staying active and helping the guild and its members. Helpful members are always rewarded in this guild.

5. Besides having fun with our traditional MMORPG Division we also have a Web3 Crypto Division in the works, where you can help the guild while also earning money for yourself. No Crypto games will cost you a penny and any upfront costs are covered by the guild in their entirety from the moment you start playing. We also airdrop active members Crypto and NFTs that members can do with as they please. Nothing you do here costs you money, the guild leader covers everything out of his pocket.

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