Benefits and Perks

The Brigade of Honor Guild offers access to many different servers for popular games, the primary purpose of which is not to replace the guild’s main mmorpg game but rather to prevent burnout from playing only one game. One should never underestimate the power of gaming genre diversity when playing games. That being said members are REQUIRED to ensure that playing on the servers we provide does NOT interfere with their primary mmorpg duties as failure to adhere to rule may result in a members loss of benefits and perks. The Brigade of Honor Management has at its sole discretion the right to determine what constitutes interference with ones duties. The guilds four main games are as follows Final Fantasy XIV : Endwalker , Ashes of Creation , Minecraft and Ember Sword.

The Brigade of Honor’s 1 Java Minecraft Server.

Connection Details are IP :

The Brigade of Honor’s 2 Java Minecraft Server.

Connection Details are IP :

Members will also need to be added to the whitelist by requesting permission to join on the discord server and submitting their Java screen name.

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